Show Tickets

Performance Location:

11530 Manchaca Rd, Build 1

Austin, TX 78748

Outdoor Seating in our Mosaic Parking Lot:  $45 per seating Pod.   BRING YOUR OWN CAMP CHAIR


Due to COVID all seating pods are socially distance from each other by 6 feet in all direction. Masks are required to be worn at all times.  


One seating pod equals up to 3 adult camp chairs OR 2 adult camp chairs and two small child camp chairs.  More than 3 adult camp chairs and another POD will be required for you to purchase. 


Seating pods are assigned by Mosaic Theatre once you purchase your tickets. We are filling the Pod rows from the front of the parking lot near the stage to the back of the parking lot.  You will receive your seating Pod arrangement on the day of the show at our box office tent located outside.  


Concessions of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, popcorn and other pre-packaged food & drinks will be available for purchase at our outdoor concession tent. 


Please dress for the weather.  Umbrellas will not be allowed. 


NO REFUNDS FOR INCLIMATE WEATHER. Shows that are rained out will be performed the next Sunday of the week. 

Bring a copy of your receipt to recieve your ticket at the door.